Raster maps from this study are available as Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) served on the ForestAtRisk website or on Google Earth Engine (GEE).

Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF

Table of rasters (some)

America Africa Asia
Past deforestation 2000-2010-2020 fcc_123_AME_aea.tif fcc_123_AFR_aea.tif fcc_123_ASI_aea.tif
Deforestation probability in 2020 prob_2020_AME_aea.tif prob_2020_AFR_aea.tif prob_2020_ASI_aea.tif
Projected deforestation 2020-2050 fcc_2050_AME_aea.tif fcc_2050_AFR_aea.tif fcc_2050_ASI_aea.tif
Projected deforestation 2020-2100 fcc_2100_AME_aea.tif fcc_2100_AFR_aea.tif fcc_2100_ASI_aea.tif

Rasters resolution and projection

Rasters have a resolution of 30 m and are available in Albers equal area (“aea”) conic projections (one different projection for each continent):

Google Earth Engine

We provide a JavaScript code for importing and using the ForestAtRisk assets in Google Earth Engine.

Asset Asset ID
Past deforestation 2000-2010-2020 projects/forestatrisk/assets/v1_2020/fcc_123
Deforestation probability in 2020 projects/forestatrisk/assets/v1_2020/prob_2020
Projected deforestation 2020-2050 projects/forestatrisk/assets/v1_2020/fcc_2050
Projected deforestation 2020-2100 projects/forestatrisk/assets/v1_2020/fcc_2100

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